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IMG_20130518_221934I’m 32, newly married with 3 amazing children, Isaiah who is 6, Alyssa who is 13 and a step son Tyler who is also 13!! I grew up mostly in Northwest Ohio but I did travel a little when I was younger. I currently am living in Gilbert, Arizona and loving it!!!

Since the age of 13 my career included waitressing until about 9 years ago when my friend offered me an opportunity! He wanted to partner up to market and build a sales force for a collection agency. So I did and within 2 years we were making 8-10k/month a piece!! It was great until I had a disagreement with him and then I wanted out of the business.  I found out I was pregnant at the same time so I knew God had different plans for me and that was that I would stay home and raise my son. So I did that for about a year or so and got very bored as I’m a busy body.  So I ended up going back to what I’ve always done and that was waitressing. I always knew I couldn’t retire as a waitress though. So I did some research and what was listed as #1 was network marketing. Low and behold 6 month later I had a friend introduce me to It Works a Network Marketing Company(most lucrative industry out there,  google it)!! This was almost 3 years ago and this is what I do full time now! I’m loving every bit of it because I help people get wealthy by getting healthy! I help them get off their pharmaceutical drugs, feel better than they ever have, I help them get their life back, and then they get paid to go share their testimony with others! !! It feels amazing to be able to do that for people!!

Things I like to do for fun include playing with my children, going to the beach, I love fishing, reading the bible or an educational book, or listening to an audio book and I will one day travel again because it’s a passion of mine!

I’m a very godly woman!  I’m not religious by any means but I do believe in having a relationship with our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ!! I also believe the bible stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth and we should read and learn it!!! God put me here to help people and it’s funny because some like to call me their psychiatrist! They would also say I’m a very outgoing person and fun to be around!! I’m a very positive person,  the glass is always half full!! If you want a happy life,  think happy thoughts and speak happy words! “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.”

I love making new friends and building relationships with people so please leave me a comment about you so that way I can get to know y’all!! Thanks!