The #1 Problem with Network Marketing

Posted: March 6, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I have been in Network Marketing now for about 4 years and the #1 problem in Network Marketing that I have learned is most people don’t have a big enough network to build a successful business. A lot of people come into Network Marketing very excited about their new journey. The problem that arises and arises very quickly with a lot of people is that their family and friends are not on board and they run out of people to talk to. I see this time and time again and when this happens what do a majority of them do? They QUIT. It’s very sad to see people quit so quickly but that’s what happens. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t look at this like a real business and they don’t realize it’s going to take time to build a clientele to have a successful business. The only way to build a clientele is by getting out there and making new friends and networking.

So now that we realize that’s what we have to do to grow a network marketing business the next question is where do we go to find these new friends to network with? Well below I have given you 50 different ways to network and make new friends! One tip I want to give you is remember this is a relationship building business so your first initial contact is not going to be you pitching your business, it’s going to be you introducing yourself and getting to know them better. The next step will be to find a creative way to stay in touch with them! I like to use Facebook to do that but whatever way works for you is great! Another thing I want you to remember is that this business takes time to build because it takes time to grow relationships. The better you can get at establishing a connection with someone, the faster the relationship will grow, which in turn means the faster your business will grow. Plant seeds daily, water those seeds, and wait for the harvest to grow!! Happy networking!

1. Networking events – Chamber of Commerce
3. Expos/Events/Seminars
4. Craigslist-Look for people advertising their business and reach out to them
5. Facebook friends – reach out and ask if they are open to hearing how they can make extra income and it wouldn’t interfere with what they are already doing.
6. Facebook groups
7. Cards on Cork Boards
8. Double sided tape on card-stick them wherever you can stick them
9. Reach out to your warm market
10. Warm market referrals
11. Create Referral Cards to hand out
12. Google search professionals, realtors, and financial planners in your city and reach out to them and see if they are open to making extra income
13. Join LinkedIn and LinkedIn Groups & post discussions
14. Twitter
15. You Tube
16. Instagram
17. Church Events
18. Create a product/service CD & give it out
19. Toll Booth – pay for person behind you toll and give them a card or the cd you created
20. Any restaurant drive thru do the same thing pay for persons order and leave a card and/or cd with them
21. Business cards in network books/magazines, your business related books/magazines, Jim Rohn books, Robert Kyosaki books
22. Put up signs on the side of the road (ex. make extra income from home call me xxx-xxx-xxxx)
23. Be your brand and always wear Company gear, buttons, hats, etc.
24. Lead boxes-offer a freebie of your product of choice
25. Car window decal or magnet
26. Any bill you pay with check through the mail include a business card or if you get a credit card offer they usually send a prepaid envelope, place a card in it and send it back
27. Charity Events-network and collect business cards
28. Cold Calling Dr.s Offices, Chiropractors, Message Therapists, Fitness Trainers, Car Lots (car salesmen), and servers make great network marketers
29. Parent sporting events-network, listen, and offer solution, most parents feel they don’t get enough time with their kids
30. Apartment complexes-they offer new member packets and will place your business card in the packets
31. Host your own challenge and offer a prize for winner
32. Setup a table at fitness center or salon
33. Create a blog on – or any other site
34. Ask to be a contributing author on someone else’s blog
35. Find a blogger in your niche and offer discounts & freebies to their followers
36. Comment on other bloggers articles leaving your url in the signature
37. Ask bloggers to review and write a feature article about your product or service
38. List your blog on
39. Submit your blog to
40. Add your company to online directories such as,,,, Google Places, etc..
41. Attend trade shows & conferences and pass out business cards
42. Hold a FREE seminar/workshop
43. Mention your website url in your voicemail message
44. Hold a “Free Friday” weekly giveaway
45. Volunteer at schools, non-profits, government offices, anywhere really
46. Create bookmarks and have schools, libraries or bookstores give them away
47. Become an article contributor for a magazine or newspaper
48. Create a partnership with complementary businesses
49. Create some sort of coupon and drop them off at every business for the employees
50. Direct mail the coupon to local residents

If this has helped you please comment and share with your team!! Thanks and have a blessed day!!

  1. Informative blog detailing the woes of mlm/network marketing…

  2. Great info! Thanks for posting so many ideas!

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