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"Let Food Be Thy Medicine And Medicine Be Thy Food" Hippocrates

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine And Medicine Be Thy Food” Hippocrates

It’s super important to get your 8+ servings of fruits and veggies everyday! ”Stress, junk food, and fatty foods all cause an acidic environment and is a set-up for disease and aging.” There is compelling evidence that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can lower the risk of heart disease and stroke. Greens will help alkalize the body. When your body is alkalized and balanced, it improves your immune system to help fight aging and many diseases. They also help the good bacteria in our body to fight infection.

Everyone knows they need more vegetables in their diets and leafy green ones are particularly good. Unfortunately, most of us still have problems getting one serving of greens a day, much less the recommended amounts. Here are some quick methods of eating more greens.


Tips to Start Eating More Greens

Green smoothies: Make up a regular fruit smoothie, with strawberries, bananas, papaya, etc. and then add a big handful of baby spinach. The smoothie will be a weird color, but it’s very healthy and with spinach you won’t even notice a change in taste. If you’re not a green fan, stay away from chard and other stronger tasting green food.

Pasta sauce: Next time you whip up spaghetti, add a cup or two of leafy greens to the tomato sauce. Blend before you serve and you’ll barely notice the extra protein and fiber.

Green eggs: Spinach, cabbage and lettuce all go very well with eggs. You can get away with nearly anything when it comes to scrambled eggs. Add some cilantro, spinach, or plenty of parsley to your eggs for an extra boost in taste and fiber.

Make a salad: Do you have a salad at every meal? If not, why not start whipping up a big salad at the beginning of the week and keeping it in the fridge for when you serve a meal. You won’t be tempted to skip because it’s already made. Add your favorite dressing and you’re good to go. For even more variety, use different types of lettuce, add in some spinach or even make a batch of coleslaw.

Find new recipes: There are hundreds of recipes that call for chard, kale or spinach. Try something new and you’ll probably find quite a few things that you enjoy.

It Works Greens: The Greens contains 38 herbs and nutrient-rich “super foods.” It’s like getting 8+ servings of fruits and vegetables. They help to alkalize, balance and detoxify the body to fight whatever comes your way. It’s a powder form and you take 2–4 scoops a day. You can mix it in juice or just water, it tastes that good! My kids love the GREENS!! You can get them at

Experiment: If you’ve always stuck to spinach, why not branch out a bit? Try some Chinese veggies. They tend not to be as dark green, but bok choi and the like are very good for you still. They also work very well in stir fry.

You can get more leafy greens into your diet with minimal effort. The benefits are tremendous. You’ll find that you have more energy, less sickness, less cravings, fewer mood swings and for women, less PMS.  The benefits are definitely worth making sure you get your 8+ fruits and veggies..