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7 Steps to Becoming A Network Marketing Professional



What I have learned over the last 3 ½ years is a lot of people come into Network Marketing treating it like a hobby and not a real business. A lot of us have never done anything like this before and we come in expecting to be a professional at it right off the bat. What we forget is it takes certain skills to become a professional in any industry and network marketing is no different. We have to take the time to learn the skills necessary to be successful and that will take time, a few years’ time. Just like if you wanted to be a nurse or a doctor you have to go to school for many years to learn the skills necessary. With this business you get to learn the skills basically for free and get to make money along the way, but you have to invest the time to learn these certain skills and then teach them to your downline.


In the book Go Pro, Eric Worre, a Network Marketer for over 20 years, discusses that there are 3 categories of people in Network Marketing. The first is the Poser and those are the ones that come in hoping to get lucky by signing a few rockstars. The second is the Amateur and they focus on many different things like luck, timing, positioning, and shortcuts. The third type is the Professional and these are the people that realize that this is a career and that there are certain skills to be learned to build a large Network Marketing business and they invest the time into learning theses skills.


In this book Eric teaches the 7 fundamental skills to building your Network Marketing business. The first thing he teaches you is How to Find Prospects. Next lesson is on Inviting Prospects to your Product or Opportunity. The third skill is Presenting Your Product and Opportunity. The fourth skill is Following Up. The fifth skill is Helping Prospects Become Customers or Distributors. The sixth skill is Helping Your New Distributor Get Started and the last skill is Promoting Events. If you can learn theses 7 basic skills you will have an exploding successful network marketing business.


This book can be purchased on Amazon pretty inexpensively, or you can download it from I encourage each one of you to take the time, invest in yourself, invest in your future and get this book and learn the 7 skills necessary to growing a Network Marketing Empire!!